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Developed Markets

Emerging Markets

Developed Markets

Our consultants have worked in the world’s leading law firms in the UK/Europe, Australasia and the US.

We have knowledge of an exceptionally wide range of operating and governance models such as lock-step, fixed share, LLP, corporate structures and alternative business structures (ABS) to suit specific requirements as market conditions and service delivery evolves in response to client needs. Our background makes us well equipped to advise firms on governance models reflecting increasing globalisation as well as the tensions that arise from this shift. This practical experience of the evolution of law firms through periods of recession, booming markets, business changes and merger mania, makes us aware of flawed models as well as those which work in particular conditions.

This background is complemented by hands on knowledge of the positive effect that technology can have on the delivery of legal services, especially leveraging this to improve bottom line margins as well as top line revenue.

Uniquely we reflect the development of increased world trade and collaboration as clients require an in depth understanding of cross border transactions, multi jurisdictional and cultural implications of globalisation. With our experience of both developed and emerging markets, we are particularly well placed to help lawyers position themselves to best advantage to succeed in these, at times, turbulent and challenging market conditions. For more background on our experience in emerging and developing markets READ MORE.