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Developed Markets

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

Uniquely we have experience of leading law firms and the legal sector within Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East. We have advised on global best practice as it applies to the wide variety of geographies responding to the globalisation of markets.

We have exceptional experience of a range of different partnership models from founder family and personality driven enterprises through to the metamorphoses into more structured partnership governance environments. We believe that our knowledge of the cultures of the emerging markets combined with our experience of UK/Europe, US and Australasia enables us to help law firms develop a structure which is most appropriate and comfortable for their individual requirements. We match the best of east and west, as well as inject unique factors to reflect client needs in a particular geography.

We understand the operating and infrastructure difficulties of developing markets and are experienced in assisting lawyers to overcome these. With our exceptional knowledge of technology as it has evolved and is being increasingly applied to provide more efficient services to clients as well as cost savings to law firms, we can help you leverage advanced systems to make your lives easier and save you money. We know what to avoid as well as what can work. We are familiar with the wide variety of applications and systems on offer, and can take the confusion away by translating jargon into everyday language.

We have assisted many firms to apply international standards to their operating models bringing in processes and systems which forms a platform for growth. We can help you select the systems that will work for you in your geography. We do not believe in “one size fits all”. Your law firm and your market and geography is unique. Our experience enables us to advise you on the best operations in the world, and we design a programme that reflects your and your clients’ needs.

As we have such exceptional and direct experience of so many jurisdictions, we are also in a position to advise on your firm and individual global positioning, developing your business in international as well as local markets and raising your profile in international directories as well as helping manage your media presence.

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