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Services/Management Sectors

● Strategic analysis
(Market analysis and planning)

● Expanding your business

● Profile enhancement

● Maximising your human capital

● Leveraging technology

● Capturing experience

● Operational efficiency
(systems, compliance, risk management)

● Top and Bottom line growth

● Practice development
(Expertise and new sector development)

● Single client service and efficiency
(What the CEO wants from his in house team)

Strategic Analysis

Market analysis and planning

With the benefit of our global experience we evaluate your current business positioning and operations and match this to an analysis of the potential market and your own vision for your business. We then work with you to either identify or ratify your long term vision for your organisation, and plot a road map for achieving your goals.

Why are we different from other consultants? We believe that we have unrivalled knowledge of and access to information about current trends within the professional services sector in areas in which others have little or no practical experience. Our consultants know emerging markets as well as international best practice, and are aware of the importance of meshing the best of East and West from an informed standpoint.

Many of our clients have come to us because they have had a fixed idea of what needs to be done to succeed in a foreign culture, and would like to know why their methodology, which worked on their home turf or in other jurisdictions, is not achieving the planned success. The answer is that the strategy is probably not wrong - it needs some specialist help.

We explore the potential for your business, along with the tweaks that you need to inject into your business plan to succeed in new business sectors or foreign territory. Using our operational knowledge of both markets enables your business to make a quantum leap forward, avoiding the common mistakes that many make.

This applies both for developed markets integrating into developing economies, and vice versa as well as within a law firm's native country.

What you will get from a market analysis and programme exercise:

● A practical overview of the potential and limitations of your target market;
● Operational guidelines to help you reach your target market;
● A number of options to be developed;
● Clear articulation of an agreed vision for your firm;
● A road map for achieving your business's potential; and
● Hands on implementation assistance.