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Services/Management Sectors

● Strategic analysis
(Market analysis and planning)

● Expanding your business

● Profile enhancement

● Maximising your human capital

● Leveraging technology

● Capturing experience

● Operational efficiency
(systems, compliance, risk management)

● Top and Bottom line growth

● Practice development
(Expertise and new sector development)

● Single client service and efficiency
(What the CEO wants from his in house team)

Expanding your Business

Business Development and Client Relationship Management

Do you wonder why some clients don't come to you? Or do they only send you a small proportion of your work? Or have their work referrals reduced even though their business is growing? Are there practice sectors you want to expand into? Have other business development strategies been unsuccessful? Do you want to raise the quality of the work you do? Do you feel your market positioning is slipping?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above, or have other issues related to low expansion of your business, then our experienced team can help you identify the hurdles to success, along with a strategy for overcoming them.

We can help you:

● Expand the work you get from your existing clients
● Package your capability message so that existing and new clients are informed about the work that you can do
● Improve the quality of the work you do
● Position your business to move into new practice sectors
● Identify expertise gaps
● Evaluate profitable markets
● Improve client satisfaction

Our services include

● Market analysis and research on the Indian and UK legal market;
● Getting your house in order through putting in place:
- CRM programme for key clients
- Pitch processes
- Marketing collaterals
- Website content
- CV library
- Legal directory submissions
- Financial reporting
- Analyst submissions

● Developing marketing plans and marketing budgets
● Fostering a BD culture through internal cross selling and road shows
● Making the most of your contact management system and database management
● Executing joint communications strategies to increase brand profile