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Services/Management Sectors

● Strategic analysis
(Market analysis and planning)

● Expanding your business

● Profile enhancement

● Maximising your human capital

● Leveraging technology

● Capturing experience

● Operational efficiency
(systems, compliance, risk management)

● Top and Bottom line growth

● Practice development
(Expertise and new sector development)

● Single client service and efficiency
(What the CEO wants from his in house team)

Leveraging Technology

Even if you and your family are tech savvy, are you able to translate the benefits of technology into your workplace? Do you have too many people who aren't giving you value based on your investment in technology? Are you struggling to capture your firm's experience? Do you wonder why you can't access precedents and previous matters quickly, without having to trawl through hundreds of case notes? Do your emails overwhelm you? Do you want your correspondence and documentation to look more professional? Are you bamboozled by software salesmen and put off by the prices they quote? Do you feel at the mercy of the advice given by the supposed technical experts? Are you fed up with the jargon that means little to your business?

If you have answered "yes" to one of the above, or really want technology to help you and don't know how to go about it, we can help you.

Our consultants have experience of all the technology tools available globally. We are able to cut through the jargon and the worthless applications that are not appropriate for your particular circumstances. Although the legal process is the same, not every firm is the same, and your clients need focused technology to meet their particular needs. We can help you work through the minefield and help you select what you need, not what the salesman says you want.

Please note: we are completely independent. We are not tied to any supplier. We receive no funding and will not accept any financial incentive for recommending any particular product or company.

What we do:

● We evaluate what technology you have already and look at how it is used
● We look at your vision for your firm, your market and type of client
● We identify the applications that would help you achieve your strategic goals
● If you have under utilized technology we help you use it more effectively
● We give you a clear background as to financial and operational benefits of particular applications and technology generally
● We quantify the benefits for you
● We help you negotiate favourable terms with suppliers
● We make recommendations in every day language so you can weigh up the options
● We provide you with information about technology trends in the legal field along with general tech advances which will help you
● We assist with the implementation
● We help with the operational transition
● We link the technology solutions to your operations