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Services/Management Sectors

● Strategic analysis
(Market analysis and planning)

● Expanding your business

● Profile enhancement

● Maximising your human capital

● Leveraging technology

● Capturing experience

● Operational efficiency
(systems, compliance, risk management)

● Top and Bottom line growth

● Practice development
(Expertise and new sector development)

● Single client service and efficiency
(What the CEO wants from his in house team)

Operational efficiency

Systems, Compliance and Risk Management

Our vast experience of every aspect of law firm and legal processes enables us to help you put systems in place which minimise your risk at the same time as making your firm more efficient. There are numerous globally accepted standard operating procedures that help lawyers maintain quality, productivity and healthier revenues. We can advise you on the most successful systems and procedures for the benefit of your practice.

A legal service is a non-standard product. Even commoditised work may become more complex than anticipated, and a supervising lawyer has to ensure that the team process has the mechanisms - checks and balances - in place for the matter to be escalated to a higher authority if risk is detected. We help you identify and manage your operational and potential for legal risk.

Our approach is to

● Review your existing operational and legal service processes
● Evaluate use of technology
● Identify major risks
● Make recommendations for minimising risk
● Assist you to make the appropriate changes
● Help you manage the change with minimum disruption
● Provide templates for evaluating legal risk