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Services/Management Sectors

● Strategic analysis
(Market analysis and planning)

● Expanding your business

● Profile enhancement

● Maximising your human capital

● Leveraging technology

● Capturing experience

● Operational efficiency
(systems, compliance, risk management)

● Top and Bottom line growth

● Practice development
(Expertise and new sector development)

● Single client service and efficiency
(What the CEO wants from his in house team)

Top and Bottom Line Growth

Every aspect of our management advice will improve your financial as well as operational efficiency. Our consultants have many years solid experience of both improving the way that your finance department operates and the data that is provided to you to tell you how your firm is doing. The reports that we provide help you identify, for example, growth patterns (which marketing programmes are working), which areas are the most profitable and pricing modules.

What we do is

● Undertake a health check of your overheads and pricing structure
● Analyse where leakage is happening
● Assess profitable and less profitable areas
● Put forward proven solutions for improving your top and bottom line
● Prepare with you a programme for developing systems to support financial growth
● We also help you with your financial processes and management of the finance team
● Financial growth also links with other areas of practice development which we identify as part of this exercise
● We implement reporting functions so that you get meaningful data to help you run your business from an informed standpoint